A new year is a perfect time to reset and evaluate what you want to carry on from the past, and what is best to leave behind. 2018 reaped incredible rewards, personal and spiritual exploration, creativity and community. By the end of the year, though, my cup was overflowing and I was craving simplicity, balance and some healthy purging.

One of the first things I did was clean out my closet, which had become a gluttonous sea of things I never wore anymore. Instead of holding onto items I’m just eh about hoping that sometime soon they’ll re-inspire me, I’ve decided to let them go to make space for my favorite staples and things that really excite me. Like Cotton Junkies!

I don’t think I’ve worn a single item more than my white racer top (which I have in black too). It’s the most comfortable, flattering, versatile little top I’ve ever owned. Seriously. It’s been known to live many incarnations within a single day, from a yoga or climbing sports bra to a feminine crop top paired with a flowing skirt to the perfect component for my 90s zoot suit, up-to-no-good, tomboy look pictured here. It’s malleable to whatever need or character you’re channeling today (I can’t be the only one who loves the theatrics of fashion, right?).

What makes Cotton Junkies so unique is the quality of their fabric, organic cotton and cotton blends with other natural materials such as hemp. Their sexy “Feed You Addiction” tagline top with generous side slits is so soft I never want to take it off. It’s one of those ‘wear it till it has holes’ kind of shirts.

The boho-fab “Mati” protective eye crop top is one of their newest items and another versatile staple, especially for those days when you just want to be free and barely feel the clothes on your skin. It’s also the most beautiful blend of turquoise shades, my favorite color.

Cotton Junkies also partners with accessory brands featured and sold on their site. They warned me I would never take off the gorgeous turquoise 2Bandits Night Horizon cuff, and they were right. It’s elegant but makes a statement. Right up my alley. I also love the Greek goddess-inspired Five and Two Venus convertible choker and the stackable 2Bandits Dawn ring set.

One of my 2019 goals for WEST is to feature more sustainable, slow fashion brands. I love that Cotton Junkies falls into this category on multiple fronts – limited quantity, US made and a portion of the proceeds going to organizations such as water.org. Cute and conscious. ♡

Thanks again for stopping by and wishing all of you a joyous and creative 2019!



☆ Look Details ☆

All Tops – Cotton Junkies

All Accessories – Cotton Junkies

Dark Crystal Bell Bottoms – Piper Kay Bells

Black Denim Shorts – Target

Vintage Black Boots – The Frye Company

Black Zoot Suit Pants – Zara Man

Black Studded Booties – Target