I think every groovy, boho-fabulous lady (and man!) can agree that there just aren’t enough bell bottoms in this world. I always felt like I was on an endless search for flares without any real luck in finding a brand that maintained the integrity of vintage design with the luxury of modern fabrics but also fit the body in a flattering way. This was until I discovered Piper Kay Bells.

Designed by the multi-talented Piper Kay Robinson, these bells are like the perfect hug – snug where it’s supposed to be, loose where it needs to be and embellished with tons of love and good vibes. I am so honored to be one of the first proud owners of her newest design – the sultry, studded, purple and black velvet Dark Crystal Bells.  She had me at Dark Crystal, but these babies are fit for a rock star yet cozy like your favorite pair of PJs. If it wasn’t summertime in California I would be wearing them every day, but alas that will have to wait until cooler weather comes again (is it just me or is it time already?!). I also love their length; not too short or tall and perfect to wear with boots (my go to).

As soon as I saw Piper rocking the stunning and whimsical Lady Blue Bells, I knew I had found my spirit flares. Unlike the Dark Crystal bells, these babies are unapologetically snug but surprisingly comfortable. Be prepared to wear high high platforms with these, but trust me, it’s worth it. The silhouette they create is on another level – an extension of your skin like a magical mermaid fin. I am in awe of how flattering they are!

These beautiful images by the amazing Daryl Henderson mimic the vibe these bells create for me. Be it dark and daring or whimsical, light and sleek, both have an ingredient of magic that is unique and transportive. My dear friend and fashion guru Ashley Lorona of Glitter Spies styled this shoot, bringing us back to my favorite year I never lived: 1967 Summer of Love. Ashley and I bonded over our shared love for The Beatles at our first ever Burning Man. This shoot and these bells echo that time for me in so many ways.

Some things in life you shouldn’t overthink (this is coming from a chronic overthinker). Owning as many pairs of Piper Kay Bells is one of those no-brainers I bestow unto you, groovy ones. And as always, many thanks for making it down this far and your continued love and support. ♡☆♡☆♡☆


☆ Look Details ☆

All looks styled by Ashley Lorona of Glitter Spies

Lady Blue Bells – Piper Kay Bells

Dark Crystal Bell Bottoms – Piper Kay Bells

All Jewelry – Marcy Kentz Jewelry 

Black Lace Halter – Miss Be Designs

Black Cowboy Boots – The Frye Company

Black Geometric Halter – Vintage

Black Coat – Vintage

Cowboy Hat – Vintage


☆ Shoot Credits ☆

Photographer – Daryl Henderson

Stylist – Ashley Lorona

Assistant Photographer – Will Mercer

Badass Crew and Good Vibes Creators – Dan Gross and Trevor Coulter

Producer and Graphic Design – Yours Truly