Hawk Couture

“The cactus teaches us that we can still bloom gracefully and express our true selves while being strong and protected from toxicity.”

Malachite Affirmation: “I am courageous, Divinely guided, and will know exactly when and where to take action in the direction of my soul’s true calling.”

Amethyst Affirmation: “I trust in the higher purpose of my journey.”

Labradorite Affirmation: “My transformation is full of ease and wisdom. I am always Divinely guided.”

Black Tourmaline Affirmation: “I banish all negative attachments, within and without. I am purified, grounded and centered on earth.”

Citrine Affirmation: “My power radiates from the center of my being”

Larimar Affirmation: “Like the cycles of nature, each incarnation of the chapters of my life only brings me closer to my Divine Light and Truth.”

It’s amazing when elements from the material world align perfectly with your current journey within. I consider myself an onion whose complex layers of evolution will never stop peeling. It’s quite exhausting sometimes but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to balance, protect and share my hyper-intuitive, analytical, sensitive, passionate, creative, impatient, empathetic and imaginative heart and mind through meditation, yoga and a whole bunch of falling flat on my face and picking myself up yet again a little wiser than before.

In my recent practice, I’ve been especially inspired by chakra work and the energetic power of earth elements like stones and crystals (the two are very connected, it seems). Learning to channel the different energies connected to our nervous system and the spiritual and emotional centers throughout the body has been hugely transformative and an empowering lesson.

As fate would have it, the stars and good ol’ Instagram aligned me with Hawk Couture and the multi-talented goddess behind the brand, Greta Hotmer. Collaborating with a fellow artist sharing the same ethos and passions is a dream. Every piece of jewelry created has been christened with love and meaningful purpose and infused with ceremonial Reiki energy. For my part in this creative, energetic dance, I find a way to translate this into an image, mood and visual story.  Manifesting this wouldn’t have been possible without the goddess behind the lens, my multi-talented mama and muse, Angela Paul. The woman knows her way around every side of the camera, whether working it in front or capturing beauty in every which way from behind. I love that this collaboration is oozing with powerful female energy! ☆☆☆

It behooves me elaborate a bit on the significance of these pieces both because I love nerdy things like that and because it’s fascinating and may inspire and enhance your journey. Bless you if you make it to the end. ♡

It’s hard to pick favorites, but lately I’ve been magnetically gravitating towards the Amethyst Cactus Necklace and pairing it with the Malachite Point Transformation and Growth Necklace. The two are aesthetically stunning together and alone, and a powerful pair energetically. Malachite is supposed to spotlight blockages, stop self-sabotaging behavior and bolster confidence. It’s connected to the heart chakra whose correlating color is green (my favorite).

Amethyst is a protective, peaceful and deeply psychic crystal connected to the violet crown chakra. It’s also connected to my sign, Aquarius. ≈ ≈ Greta’s description of the cactus symbology amazing, I have to share: “It teaches us that we can still bloom gracefully and express our true selves while being strong and protected from toxicity.”

Another amethyst piece made its way to me (Aquarius coincidence?!) but this time in the shape of a crescent moon! This whimsical, rose-toned stone exudes femininity and is connected to the natural cycle and rhythm of Mother Earth.

I am slightly obsessed with the Flying Eagle with Faceted Labradorite and Black Tourmaline Choker. It’s another necklace I find myself wearing over and over again not just because of its rockstar bad-assery, but because of its powerful connection to this transitional phase in my life. Labradorite is grounding for such times while also illuminating creativity and imagination. Black Tourmaline is considered a lucky stone with “energetic armor” from toxic situations. Both are connected to the root chakra full of that warm, firey earth energy I’ve been feeding off of lately. The Eagle is connected to strength, spirit and focus on the bigger picture.

The Citrine and Larimar Abundance necklace is a sweet, dainty little treat for motivation, confidence and clarity. Citrine, known as “The Merchant’s Stone,” is meant to attract abundance and is connected to the sacral chakra, the power epicenter of creation and manifestation. Larimar is my jam, “bringing calm and tranquility to those with hot tempers and overwhelming anxiety.” It’s associated with one of my favorite chakras, the blue throat, our center for communication and truth. This necklace is topped with a lightning bolt charm which reminds me of Harry Potter. Altogether this is my little Felix Felices charm – if you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to read the entire Potter series now!

Congratulations, you made it to the end! I hope you enjoyed my little Wikipedia page behind these amazing pieces. Greta was kind enough to supply me with loads of magical, juicy information on the jewelry and stones so it was my duty to extend it to all of you.

Last but certainly not least, a portion of all orders is donated to the organization Free From which financially empowers survivors or domestic violence.

Thank you for your continued support. You have no idea how much it truly means, loves.



☆ Look Details ☆

All Necklaces – Hawk Couture

Green Velvet Dress – Tobi

Scarab Turban – The Feathered Head


☆ Shoot Credits ☆

Photographer – Angela Paul

Graphics – Yours Truly